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Rekindling agriculture through private sector

23 March, 2020
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” Oscar Wilde - these words have never rang more true than at these present moment. The agriculture sector has been battered by a bad set of policy directives, price volatility, natural maladies and extortionist brokers. However, rather than to perennially complain about these set of circumstances, a number of stakeholders in the industry are working towards rehabilitation of this crucial sector.

Are extension services dead?

23 March, 2020
For those perusing for a quick verdict, the answer is NO. Digitization and a shift in demographics have necessitated new approaches towards service delivery. The use of manuals, brochures, journals and human capital has been replaced with mobile Apps and video tutorials, thus dissemination of information, training, data collection and research through these old methods has fallen victim to digital disruption. But what of soil sampling and lab tests? More on that later.

Agriculture and Big data

23 March, 2020
The dawn of mobile telephony ushered new opportunities across industries. The advancements in this technology from rudimentary gadgets to sophisticated smartphones meant the limits of exploration were constrained by imagination.

Foreword AIK Guide 2015/16 Cecily Kariuki - PS, State Department of Agriculture

23 March, 2020
The agricultural sector plays an important role in Kenya’s economy. It creates employment and opportunities for sustaining livelihoods, enhances foreign exchange reserves, provides raw materials for the industrial sector and is a market for goods and services from other sectors. Within the rural areas, more than 70% of households derive their income from agriculture.

Foreword AIK Guide 2017 Dr. Samuel Kahariri - National Chairman, KVA

23 March, 2020
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