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Foreword AIK Guide 2015/16 Cecily Kariuki - PS, State Department of Agriculture

Foreword AIK Guide 2015/16 Cecily Kariuki - PS, State Department of Agriculture

The agricultural sector plays an important role in Kenya’s economy. It creates employment and opportunities for sustaining livelihoods, enhances foreign exchange reserves, provides raw materials for the industrial sector and is a market for goods and services from other sectors. Within the rural areas, more than 70% of households derive their income from agriculture.

The Agriculture in Kenya Directory is set to be a useful tool in amalgamating sub-sector information and resources for general consumption of public and stakeholders. The publication aligns itself with supporting the Ministry’s strategic objectives such as to create an enabling environment for agricultural development, to increase productivity and outputs in the agricultural sector and to improve market access and trade.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries will make use of the Directory and Online Portal as an alternative media outlet to communicate relevant information on projects and agricultural campaigns. We seek to foster good public-private partnerships through such endeavours that aid the Government in achieving vision 2030 objectives of creating employment, building capacity and enhancing trade.

As the first edition, the Publication will be tested for the usefulness by all stakeholders. It should therefore be updated and revised to incorporate changes in Government and private sector. We urge the publishers to work closely with relevant Government agencies and international organisations to unsure that the content they publish is correct and up to date.

We are confident that the Agriculture in Kenya Directory will be a useful guide for the agriculture sector in the country. We applaud the effort in producing this comprehensive sector guide and look forward to working with the team towards its betterment.

Cecily K. Kariuki, MBS
State Department of Agriculture, MOALF

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